When I give a gift to the Museum, where does my money go?

Over 80% of the Museum’s expenditures directly support Museum programs such as exhibitions and educational outreach. This means the majority of your contribution is used to support the Museum’s mission.

Is the Museum a qualified non-profit?

The Museum is a public 501©(3), non-profit organization. Tax identification number 74-2431071.

I renewed my membership two months late and the expiration date on my new membership card is for ten months later. Shouldn’t it be 12 months later?

Your membership is not automatically dropped on the expiration date. You are allowed two months as a “lapsed” member after your membership expiration date. During the time your membership is lapsed, you can still use all of your membership benefits.

I lost my membership card. Can I still get into the Museum at no cost?

The front desk has a membership directory that is updated weekly. They will be able to confirm your membership status. To receive a replacement card, contact the membership office at 307-732-5447.

Why isn’t my membership fully tax-deductible?

Certain membership benefits, such as guest passes and your subscription to Call of the Wild magazine, are not tax-deductible according to IRS Code. If you would like to waive certain benefits to increase your tax deduction, simply make a note on your membership application or renewal form or contact the membership office at 307-732-5447.

My parents left me some stock I would like to give to the Museum. How do I go about making a gift of stock?

To make a gift of stock, please contact the development office at 307-732-5444.

How do I make a gift in memory of a loved one?

You can mail your gift to the development office with a note indicating who you are remembering with your gift. You can also make a gift over the phone with a credit card by calling 307-732-5447, or by visiting our website. If you would like the honoree’s family (or families) to receive a notification of your gift, please include current mailing information for the person you would like to be notified.

I cannot find the thank you letter which included my tax deduction receipt. How do I get another one?

To receive a replacement receipt, contact the membership office at 307-732-5447.

I saw the fossil tile wall at the Museum. Can I buy a tile?

Thank you for your interest. The fossil tile wall is sold out.