Ogden Pleissner

1905 - 1983
Origin: United States
Born: April 29, 1905, Brooklyn, New York
Died: 1983, London, England

While growing up in New York, Pleissner spent several summers in Wyoming where he developed a life-long love of fishing. He attended the Art Students League from 1922 to 1926 and began teaching at the Pratt Institute soon after. Throughout the 1930s, Pleissner worked exclusively in oils and became known for his Western landscapes and images of the Maritimes and New England. He was commissioned as a captain in the United States Air Force at the start of World War II and stationed in the Aleutians as a war artist. Due to the physical constraints, Pleissner switched from oil painting to watercolor at this time and continued with the medium for the remainder of his artistic career. After Congress withdrew war art funding, he began working as a war correspondent for Life magazine in Europe. After the war, Pleissner continued to travel to Europe and Wyoming, painting city scenes, landscapes, and sporting subjects.

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c. 1968, Watercolor
Ogden Pleissner
United States, 1905 - 1983