Alberic Collin

1886 - 1962
Origin: Belgium
Born: 1886
Died: 1962

Belgian sculptor Alberic Collin devoted his artistic career to sculpting animals in the Antwerp Zoological Gardens. A native of Antwerp, Belgium, Collin studied art at the Antwerp Academy. At the age of 21, he met Italian sculptor Rembrandt Bugatti, who was already established as an important animalier. The two men routinely worked together at the Antwerp Zoo, and Bugatti taught Collin the importance of working from close observation of live animal models. Like his mentor, Collin chose to depict animals alone or in small groups, focusing on their day-to-day activities. His work also concentrates on the overall form and movement of the animal, rather than attempting to recreate a detailed anatomical model.

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Deer in Flight
c. 1925, Bronze
Alberic Collin
Belgium, 1886 - 1962