Arthur Putnam

1873 - 1930
Origin: United States
Born: 1873, Waveland, Mississippi
Died: 1930, Paris, France

Best known for his cast bronze animals, Arthur Putnam was born in 1873 in Waveland, Mississippi, and grew up in Omaha, Nebraska. As a youth, Putnam preferred to spend his time outdoors rather than in school. As a last attempt to get him interested in academics, his mother sent him to Kemper Hall Military Academy where he lasted only a year before he was asked to leave. Instead of attending school, Putnam worked. He first worked as an elevator boy, and then as an assistant in a photoengraving office where he learned the rudiments of drawing. His mother later moved the family to San Diego where she had bought a lemon ranch. Putnam's teenage years were filled with work on the ranch and drawing the wildlife he saw around him.

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Puma in Combat with a Serpent
1916-1922, Bronze
Arthur Putnam
United States, 1873 - 1930