Belmore Browne

1880 - 1954
Painter, Illustrator, Sculptor
Origin: United States
Born: June 9, 1880, Tompkinsville, New York
Died: May 2, 1954, Ross, California

Belmore Browne was an avid naturalist, outdoorsman, and mountaineer, as well as a talented artist. Throughout his life, his love of the outdoors led him to wild places, where he explored the backcountry, climbed glaciated peaks, observed animals, and hunted wildlife. From 1883 to 1888, his family lived in the Swiss Alps, where he developed keen observation and drawing skills. In 1889, his family returned to the United States to live in the pioneer town of Tacoma, Washington.

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White River Moonlight
c. 1946, Oil on Plywood
Belmore Browne
United States, 1880 - 1954