Carl Ethan Akeley

1864 - 1926
Origin: United States
Born: May 19, 1864, Clarendon, New York
Died: November 17, 1926, Kabara, Belgian Congo (Zaire)

Carl Ethan Akeley was determined to raise taxidermy to the level of "high" art. Working at the American Museum of Natural History, he began to model clay maquettes to create accurate life-sized animal dioramas. In the process, he began to bring taxidermy to new heights. With the encouragement of financier J. P. Morgan and the famed sculptor Alexander Phimster Proctor, he cast the first of the little clay groups into bronze in 1913. That first work was Wounded Comrade, a cast of which is in the National Museum of Wildlife Art Collection.

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Wounded Comrade
1913, Bronze
Carl Ethan Akeley
United States, 1864 - 1926