Charles Cary Rumsey

1879 - 1922
Origin: United States
Born: 1879, Buffalo, New York
Died: 1922

Born into a socially prominent Long Island family with several artists in its history, Charles Cary Rumsey showed an early interest in art and in animals. When his parents gave him his own horse as a child, he impressed them with his skill in sculpting the creature. Fortunately, Rumsey's family encouraged his talent in sculpture, and at only fourteen years of age, he was permitted to remain in Paris following a family vacation to apprentice under the renowned American sculptor Paul Wayland Bartlett for two years. This experience under Bartlett's tutelage served as a valuable supplement to his traditional education in America, which continued at the Nichols School in Buffalo upon his return home in 1895. In 1898, Rumsey began studies at Harvard University, taking summer classes at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. In 1901, before he had completed his schooling, Rumsey exhibited work at the Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo.

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Walking Puma
1912, Bronze
Charles Cary Rumsey
United States, 1879 - 1922