Charles Louis Eugene Virion

1865 - 1946
Origin: France
Born: December 1, 1865, Ajaccio, Island of Corsica (France)
Died: 1946

Born in 1865 on the French-controlled Mediterranean Island of Corsica, Charles Louis Eugene Virion's early history and personal life are shrouded in mystery. He was known to have studied sculpture in Paris under Charles Gauthier and Jean-Paul Aube, though there is no record of his ever attending the ecole des Beaux Arts. At about age twenty-one, in 1886, Virion exhibited at the Salon des Artistes Francais for the first time, where he continued to have a relatively successful record until he stopped showing in the 1930s; he took honors and awards at the Salons of 1893 and 1895. In 1900, Virion entered work in Paris's Exposition Universelle, and won a bronze medal for his efforts.

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Striding Elephant
c. 1900, Bronze
Charles Louis Eugene Virion
France, 1865 - 1946