Edward Fraughton

1939 -
Origin: United States
Born: March 22, 1939, Park City, Utah

Born and raised in Utah, Edward J. Fraughton became interested in art, and especially sculpture, at an early age. He remembers carefully studying the design and form of his toy horses and soldiers when he was a child, finding that both sides of each figure were mirror images of each other with a seam running between. When he was in the fourth grade, he began drawing buildings and other objects he saw every day, winning the 1949 Milton Bradley Company's "America the Beautiful" Crayon Art Competition with a depiction of a local Victorian-era train station. He credits his teacher at Marsac Elementary in Park City, Alene Gibbons, with recognizing and fostering his talents. He also notes that his mother, Clara, and his stepfather, Charles "Zip" C. Nelson, encouraged his early artistic interests.

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Bison Skull
1979, Bronze
Edward Fraughton
United States, 1939 -