Emil W. Lenders

1864 - 1934
Sculptor, Painter
Origin: Germany
Born: May 11, 1864, Germany
Died: April 5, 1934, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

As a child in Germany, Emil Lenders became fascinated by Native American Indians and was determined to travel to the United States. He attended a court school in Southern Germany and claimed to have studied with Karl von Piloty, the most successful academic painter in Germany at that time. Despite his mother's disapproval of his decision to study art, Lenders attended the Berlin Art School. He immigrated to the U.S., and in 1906, Lenders became a U.S. citizen in Philadelphia, PA. He took a variety of jobs until signing on with Buffalo Bill's Wild West. Lenders traveled with the Wild West shows, while studying animals, cowboys, and Indians. He befriended Buffalo Bill Cody, who eventually convinced him to settle in Oklahoma. On Joe C. Miller's 101 Ranch, he was able to study and sketch resident bison as well as the some of the Indians from twelve nearby reservations. Buffalo Bill presented to Lenders a saddle with the inscription, "To E.W. Lenders, the best painter of buffalos in the world."

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In the Face of the Blizzard
c. 1914, Oil on Canvas
Emil W. Lenders
Germany, 1864 - 1934
The Challenge
c. 1925, Oil on Canvas
Emil W. Lenders
Germany, 1864 - 1934