Ernest Martin Hennings

1886 - 1956
Origin: United States
Born: February 5, 1886, Pennsgrove, New Jersey
Died: May 29, 1956

Hennings spent his childhood in Chicago and often visited and later attended the Art Institute of Chicago. After graduating in 1904, Hennings worked as a commercial artist, muralist, and book illustrator. In 1912 he traveled to Europe and studied under Franz Von Stuck and Angelo Junk at the Royal Academy in Munich, Germany. Hennings returned to Chicago in 1914 and resumed commercial work until former mayor of Chicago Carter H. Harrison, Jr., offered to buy one of his paintings under the condition that Hennings traveled to Taos, New Mexico, and become acquainted with the local art community. Harrison instigated similar deals with Hennings' friends William Ufer and Victor Higgins. Arriving in Taos in 1917, the landscapes, Native Americans, and wildlife of Taos immediately inspired Hennings. He permanently settled there in 1921, the same year he became the youngest and penultimate member of the Taos Society of Artists. Hennings worked on many commissions, including paintings of the Navajo Indians in the Rio Grande area for the Santa Fe Railroad.

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Deer Among the Aspens
1939, Oil on Canvas
Ernest Martin Hennings
United States, 1886 - 1956
The Waterhole
c. 1930, Oil on Canvas
Ernest Martin Hennings
United States, 1886 - 1956