Frank Hoffman

1888 - 1958
Painter, Illustrator
Origin: United States
Born: 1888, Chicago, Illinois
Died: March 11, 1958, Taos, New Mexico

As a boy, Frank Hoffman spent the majority of his time around his father's stables riding and sketching the horses. His first art job was as an illustrator for the Chicago American newspaper. He also took classes from J. Wellington Reynolds while in Chicago. Throughout his life, Hoffman illustrated for magazines, such as The Saturday Evening Post, Cosmopolitan, and McCall's. He also worked on national advertising campaigns for companies, such as General Motors, General Electric, and others. In 1916, he traveled through Montana, working as a public relations director at Glacier National Park and later moved to Taos, New Mexico. He spent time with cowboys and Indians during his travels, living briefly with the Blackfeet and learning their language. He settled on a working ranch in Taos, using his own horses, longhorns, dogs, eagles, and burros as models for his illustrations and paintings.

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Deer Alert
1930, Oil on Board
Frank Hoffman
United States, 1888 - 1958