Frederic Remington

1861 - 1909
Painter, sculptor
Origin: United States
Born: October 4, 1861, Canton, New York
Died: December 26, 1909, Ridgefield, Connecticut

Frederic Remington grew up surrounded by horses and, at the age of three, he began drawing them. Drawing came naturally for Remington and his style and compositions were unique. In 1878, he attended Yale School of Fine Arts, but only remained two years, claiming he disliked the classical European art training that Yale upheld. In 1882, he traveled on the first of 21 excursions to the West in order to gather subject material. During these journeys, Remington searched for the action and drama of the "old West." Having served in the military, he favored the Anglo progression through the native lands and praised war and combat.

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Deer in Forest
1889, Ink on Paper
Frederic Remington
United States, 1861 - 1909