Frederick Arthur Verner

1836 - 1928
Origin: Canada
Born: February 26, 1836, Hammondsville (Sheridan), Ont.
Died: May 6, 1928, Ontario

Sketching in school and at home, Frederick Verner exhibited talent at a young age. In 1852, when he was sixteen, Verner exhibited work and won a prize at the Upper Canada's Provincial Art Exhibition. At the exhibition, Verner met and became fascinated with the Native American paintings of Paul Kane. Verner desperately wanted to study with Kane, but Kane dismissed the young man. In 1856, Verner desired a formal art training and went to study at Leigh's Academy in England. Upon his return to Toronto in 1862, he worked as a photographer until deciding to concentrate on painting in 1874. Remembering Kane, Verner painted solely wildlife and Native American subject matter. Verner’s concern for disappearing wildlife occupied a majority of his paintings.

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Bison at Rest
c. 1890, Oil on Canvas
Frederick Arthur Verner
Canada, 1836 - 1928
The Last Buffalo
1893, Watercolor on Paper
Frederick Arthur Verner
Canada, 1836 - 1928