George Edward Lodge

1860 - 1954
Painter, Engraver, Illustrator
Origin: United Kingdom
Born: December 3, 1860, Scrivelsby, Lincolnshire, Engl.
Died: February 5, 1954

At an early age, George Lodge developed an interest in birds. He explored the local countryside with his brother, R.B. Lodge, who later became a famed bird photographer. At the age of twelve, Lodge began collecting and skinning birds. He believed that in order to draw a bird properly, he must be well acquainted with the interior anatomy. He attended the Lincoln College of Art and later apprenticed to a wood engraver. As wood engraving fell out of favor with the public, Lodge turned to painting. His early work was often exhibited at the Royal Academy in London. Lodge was an avid sportsman. He researched birds of prey in Scotland and Norway, as well as the West Indies, Japan, and Ceylon. Lodge was also a keen falconer, known to carry a falcon on his arm when going around London. At the age of ninety-two and with one impaired eye, Lodge completed 389 plates including 426 species of birds for David Bannerman's Birds of the British Isles, a twelve volume epic. He illustrated over sixty books during his career and, in 1945, Lodge wrote and illustrated his only book Memoirs of An Artist Naturalist.

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Gyr Falcon and Young
1927, Oil on Canvas
George Edward Lodge
United Kingdom, 1860 - 1954