Katharine Lane Weems

1899 - 1987
Origin: United States
Born: February 22, 1899, Boston
Died: 1987

Katharine Lane Weems developed an appreciation for art at an early age through the encouragement of her father, the president of The Museum of Fine Arts, in Boston. As a child she was privy to private tours through the galleries as well as a strong education. After her father's death in 1914, Weems became determined to make a career out of her artistic talents, in part as a tribute to his memory. In 1918 she enrolled in classes at the school of The Museum of Fine Arts, and mmediately became a top student. Her prowess as an artist and her refusal to accept any special accommodations because of her connection to the museum gained her the respect of her instructors and peers, alike.

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Dolphins of the Sea
1977, Bronze
Katharine Lane Weems
United States, 1899 - 1987