Leslie Kouba

1917 - 1998
Illustrator, Painter
Origin: United States
Born: February 3, 1917, Hutchinson, Minnesota
Died: September 13, 1998, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Specializing in waterfowl paintings, Leslie Kouba is recognized as one of the artists responsible for the revival of wildlife art in the 1970s. While growing up on a farm in Hutchinson, Minnesota, Kouba learned hunting, trapping, and fishing from his father and began recording many images of his rural life on scraps of paper. His parents enrolled him in a correspondence art course when he was fourteen years old, which provided the budding artist the flexibility and opportunity to learn artistic techniques in addition to performing his farm chores. He left home at age sixteen and traveled to thirty-eight states, supporting himself by doing commercial painting, such as lettering signs and designing Coca-Cola bulletins.

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Federal Duck Stamp Design, 1958
1958, Lithograph
Leslie Kouba
United States, 1917 - 1998
Federal Duck Stamp Design, 1967
1967, Lithograph
Leslie Kouba
United States, 1917 - 1998