Manfred Schatz

1925 - 2004
Painter, writer, professor of art
Origin: Germany
Born: December 10, 1925, Bad Stepenitz, Germany (now in Poland)
Died: 2004, Meerbusch, Germany

Born in 1925 in Stettin, Germany, Manfred Schatz pursued an art career from an early age. His father had been an artist (a portrait painter) and offered encouragement to his young son to follow a similar path. To pursue his goal, Schatz studied at the School of Arts and Crafts in his native Stettin. With this traditional European artistic training already in his background so early on, Schatz was soon accepted to the Academy of Arts in Berlin, before the usual requisite age of eighteen, based on his animal drawings from the Circus Althoff. Although he was still mainly focused on traditional academic subjects during these early years, a very personal experience with nature would later lead Schatz to depict only animals, and most especially wild animals, in his work.

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n.d., Oil on Canvas
Manfred Schatz
Germany, 1925 - 2004