Nick Eggenhofer

1897 - 1985
Illustrator, Painter
Origin: Germany
Born: 1897, Gauting, Bavaria, Germany
Died: 1985, Cody, Wyoming

As a child in Europe, Nick Eggenhofer was fascinated with the American West, cowboys, and Indians. His family moved from the small town of Gauting to Munich after a fire destroyed their mill, giving him greater access to more publications and silent Western films. In 1913, he came to the United States to live with his uncle, and his family shortly followed. Eggenhofer worked various jobs in New York and New Jersey until he started night classes in drawing at Cooper Union and an apprenticeship at the American Lithographic Company.

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The Chase (aka An Unexpected Turn)
n.d., Oil on Board
Nick Eggenhofer
Germany, 1897 - 1985