Peter Moran

1841 - 1914
Printmaker, Painter
Origin: Great Britain
Born: 1841, Bolton, England
Died: 1914, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

As the youngest of the four Moran brothers, Peter Moran moved to the United States in 1844 at the age of three. He grew up and permanently settled in Philadelphia where he maintained a studio throughout his life. For a short time, he was apprenticed to the Herline and Hersel lithographic firm but left in order to study under his brothers, Edward and Thomas, who already were established artists. Moran traveled to England in 1863 to study with Edwin Landseer but was not impressed with his work. He soon returned to Philadelphia, and, in 1864, he made the first of many trips west. He traveled to New Mexico and Arizona several times and sketched the Sierras and Grand Tetons on a trip with his brother, Thomas, in 1879. In 1890, Moran served as a special agent for the United States Bureau of the Census and illustrated the Indians Taxed and Indians Not Taxed report.

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Mountain Lion and Rifle
1900, Pencil and Gouache on Paper
Peter Moran
Great Britain, 1841 - 1914