Pierre-Paul (Paul) Jouve

1878 - 1973
Sculptor, illustrator
Origin: France
Born: 1878 or 1880, Bourron-Marlotte (?), France
Died: 1973

Encouraged by his father, Paul Jouve spent a considerable amount of time during his childhood and youth drawing in Paris' Jardin des Plantes (main botanical gardens) and Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle. By age thirteen, he was attending the Ecole des Arts decoratifs (school of decorative arts), and was soon also accepted to the École des beaux-arts (school of fine arts). At about sixteen years of age, he submitted his first work to the Salon, where his drawings of animals gained the attention of architect Rene Binet; Binet subsequently offered Jouve a job designing the decoration for a monumental door that was installed at the Exposition Universelle held in Paris in 1900. Following this experience, Jouve actively pursued a career as an animalier sculptor, seeking his subject matter in the zoos of Europe and in Northern Africa.

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Lion Marchant
1914, Bronze and Marble
Pierre-Paul (Paul) Jouve
France, 1878 - 1973
c. 1930, Oil on Panel
Pierre-Paul (Paul) Jouve
France, 1878 - 1973