Ray Sexton

1959 - 1996
Origin: United States
Born: 1959, Dayton, Ohio
Died: 1996, Wildfowl Bay, Michigan

As a child, Ray Sexton was interested in art and drew cartoons. However, when he was twelve, an art teacher heaped praise on another student's drawing of a chimpanzee, and Sexton decided then to become a wildlife artist. He attended Ostendorf Art Academy for high school and then studied for two years at Western State College of Colorado and two years at the Minneapolis Art School. His early style is characterized by the use of watercolors and a photo-realistic style. After a master class with Robert Bateman in 1986, Sexton's work began to evolve into a looser, less controlled style. In 1989, he moved to Wildfowl Bay, Michigan, and was further inspired by the nature around him. His style became even more impressionistic, and he began using dense acrylics and oils.

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Last Days of Autumn
n.d., Oil on Canvas
Ray Sexton
United States, 1959 - 1996