Rembrandt Bugatti

1884 - 1916
Origin: Italy
Born: 1884
Died: 1916

During his short career as a sculptor, Rembrandt Bugatti completed more than 150 bronze sculptures, almost all of which depict animals. Bugatti worked from live animal models at the Paris zoo located in the Jardin des Plantes and later at the Antwerp Zoological Gardens in Belgium. He closely observed the characteristics of each animal as he sculpted directly in clay or plastilene a non-drying compound of clay dust and wax. This working method allowed him to capture subtle expressions of emotion and gesture in a quick, loose style. Bugatti believed so firmly in the importance of sculpting directly from his animal models rather than returning to the studio to work from a sketch that he would abandon a piece if he could not complete it in one sitting.

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1910, Bronze
Rembrandt Bugatti
Italy, 1884 - 1916
Small Antelopes, The Two Friends (Petites Antilopes, Le Deux Amies)
1911, Bronze
Rembrandt Bugatti
Italy, 1884 - 1916
Stork on One Foot (Cogogne sur une Patte)
c. 1907, Bronze
Rembrandt Bugatti
Italy, 1884 - 1916