Rien Poortvliet

1932 - 1995
Painter, Writer
Origin: Holland
Born: August 7, 1932, Schiedam, South Holland
Died: 1995, Holland

After graduating from secondary school, Rien Poortvliet served in the Royal Dutch Marines. Although he received no formal training in drawing or painting, he then spent fifteen years illustrating for an advertising agency and also illustrated children's books and German hunting magazines. He produced calendars for seventeen years and published almost a dozen books, some of which he wrote with writer Wil Huygen. One of his publications, Gnomes (1976), became known worldwide and has been translated into more than a dozen languages.

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Boxing Hares
n.d., Bronze
Rien Poortvliet
Holland, 1932 - 1995
Study of Roe
1972, Oil on Canvas
Rien Poortvliet
Holland, 1932 - 1995