Robert Lougheed

1910 - 1982
Origin: Canada
Born: 1910, Massey, Ontario
Died: June 3, 1982, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Raised on a farm, Robert Lougheed developed a passion for drawing wildlife. At age 19, with extensive self-study and only one art course, Lougheed was offered an illustration job with the Toronto Star. Six years later, in 1935, his desire for a formal fine arts training brought him to New York. Through John Clymer, whom he met in Toronto, Lougheed was able to get to know and study with Frank Dumond at the Art Student's League. After leaving the Art Student's League, Lougheed enjoyed a successful career as an illustrator. He worked for many large circulation magazines, including Reader's Digest, Sports Afield, True, Argosy, and Collier's. Lougheed also developed images for commercial advertising, such as Mobil Oil's flying red horse. Balancing his commercial work to pay the bills, he devoted six months a year to fine art and travel. Lougheed was annually commissioned to paint the national field trial champion dog, and for 20 years, he spent two months each fall at the Bell Ranch in New Mexico, painting breeds of horses for National Geographic. He also traveled around the American West and Canada, occasionally joined by fellow artist John Clymer.

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On the Banks of the Vermilion Lakes
c. 1971, Oil on Board
Robert Lougheed
Canada, 1910 - 1982
Pronghorns of San Miguel
1971, Oil on Board
Robert Lougheed
Canada, 1910 - 1982
The Del Nortes to the South
n.d., Charcoal on Paper
Robert Lougheed
Canada, 1910 - 1982