Rudolf Friederick Kurz

1818 - 1871
Draftsman, Painter
Origin: Switzerland
Born: January 8, 1818, Berne, Switzerland
Died: 1871, Berne, Switzerland

Rudolf Friederich Kurz studied art in Switzerland and Paris before coming to America in 1846 with the dream of drawing and painting the Indians. Traveling along the Mississippi and Upper Missouri Rivers, he lived and worked at fur trading outposts such as Fort Berthold and Fort Union. He came with the goal of drawing Indians but also sketched wild animals of the region, domesticated animals of the forts, and life in the trader camps. When his art supplies ran out in 1852, he returned home to Switzerland where he became a master of design at the cantonal, or regional, school in Berne.

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Herd of Elk
1851, Pen and Ink/Watercolor
Rudolf Friederick Kurz
Switzerland, 1818 - 1871