William Zorach

1889 - 1966
Sculptor, painter, lithographer, writer
Origin: Lithuania
Born: February 28, 1889, Eurburg (now Yurbarkas), Lithuania
Died: November 15, 1966, Bath, Maine

Born Zorach Samovich, the eighth of his parents' ten children, in Lithuania, William Zorach immigrated to the United States with his family in 1893. Settling in Cleveland, Ohio, the family adopted Finkelstein as their new surname, and the young Zorach attended the public schools (where a grade school teacher changed Zorach to "William") before beginning study at the Cleveland School of Art (now Cleveland Institute of Art) around 1903. When he began to learn painting under Henry G. Keller at the School, William had already been working as a lithographer with the W.J. Morgan Lithograph Company since 1902, as he had given up traditional schooling after the eighth grade in order to contribute to his family's income. His experience in the lithography studio proved valuable, as William had personal access to several professional artists including Archibald Willard, William Sommer, and Billy Crane. William took evening classes until 1906 to supplement his on-the-job learning in the lithography studio.

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Puma: A Bronze Pair
1948, Bronze
William Zorach
Lithuania, 1889 - 1966