Wolfgang Pogzeba

1936 - 1982
Painter, Sculptor, Photographer
Origin: Germany
Born: July 7, 1936, Planegg, Germany
Died: 1982, Taos, New Mexico

At the age of fourteen, Wolfgang Pogzeba came with his family to the United States from Germany and eventually settled in Denver, Colorado. He received a bachelor's degree in art history from the University of Colorado in 1960 and received a master's degree in education in 1962. He also studied at the Colorado School of Mines, the University of Mexico in Mexico City, the Kunstakademie in Munich, and the Sorbonne in Paris. His professional career as an artist was launched with a one-man show at the Historical Society Museum of Montana in 1960, and he continued to show in one-man and group exhibitions in both galleries and museums across the country.

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Confronted Elks
1967, Bronze
Wolfgang Pogzeba
Germany, 1936 - 1982