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Rembrandt Bugatti and the Antwerp School

October 23 2010 - April 24 2011

Rembrandt Bugatti ranks among the most influential animal artists of the 20th century. Working from live animal models at the Jardin des Plantes in Paris and later at the Antwerp Zoological Gardens in Belgium, Bugatti brought a sense of immediacy to his work as he captured the individual characteristics of specific animals.

Modeling impressionistically, he sculpted his animal subjects in quiet poses, either standing alone, engaged in day-to-day activities, or interacting peacefully in a group. Bugatti received critical acclaim for his sculpture from an early age. His father, a well-known Italian furniture designer, first recognized Rembrandt's talents at the age of 15, when a family friend discovered a sculpture of cows that the boy had hidden in his father's workshop.

In Antwerp, Bugatti worked alongside fellow animalier artists Alberic Collin and Frans Jochems, in the supportive artistic environment of the Antwerp Zoo. A great influence on their sculpture, he also served as friend and mentor to the reclusive Italian sculptor Guido Righetti.

Two castings of Righetti's extremely rare work will be on display alongside works by Bugatti, Collin, and Jochems. Also on view will be work by contemporary artists influenced by the masterful work of Bugatti and his contemporaries.

Generously sponsored by Barbara Carlsberg, Eliza & Tom Chrystie, and Barbara & John Vogelstein