Past Exhibitions

Great Plains

America's Lingering Wild, Photography by Michael Forsberg

October 2 2010 - January 30 2011

From Michael Forsberg:
Less than 200 years ago, the Great Plains of North America were perhaps the greatest grassland ecosystem on Earth. Then, in the blink of an evolutionary eye, much of its grandeur was gone. As American settlers expanded west, the native grazers, top predators, and indigenous cultures of the plains were systematically wiped out. The prairie was plowed up, fenced in, overgrazed, paved over, and otherwise degraded. Today, this fragmented landscape is the most endangered and least protected ecosystem on the continent.

To many people, the Great Plains are an empty stage. To others, the Plains are a dynamic but forgotten landscape — overlooked, undervalued, misunderstood, and in desperate need of conservation. This project helps lead the way forward — inspiring, informing, and enabling visitors to recognize and recapture the wild spirit of these Great Plains.

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