Past Exhibitions

Bob Kuhn

Drawing on Instinct

May 10 2012 - August 19 2012

COYOTE CHASING RABBIT, Conte on Paper, ROBERT KUHN, United States, 1920 - 2007

Flat Out 1985, Acrylic on Board
Robert Kuhn United States, 1920 - 2007

THE KATZENJAMMER KIDS IDEA SKETCH, Conte on Paper, ROBERT KUHN, United States, 1920 - 2007

THE KATZENJAMMER KIDS, Acrylic on Board, ROBERT KUHN, United States, 1920 - 2007

About the Exhibition

This exhibit focuses on a selection of masterpieces from Bob Kuhn's oeuvre and, with equal prominence, the masterful sketches that prepared Kuhn to create the final works. A portion of the sketches tie directly to finished works of art, but many are included to be appreciated on their own merits. Early drawings from his youthful days at the Buffalo Zoo are accompanied by landscape studies and the conté gesture sketches that represent him at the apex of his drawing power. Seeing this material together gives visitors a robust sense of the artistic process behind Kuhn’s masterpieces. Gilcrease, Changing Visions, & Bison Gallery.

This is a traveling exibit. Participating venues include:

National Sporting Library and Museum (Middleburg, VA) 9/15/12 - 3/15/13
Sam Noble Museum at the University of Oklahoma (Norman, OK) 06/01/13 - 09/08/13
Tucson Museum of Art and Historic Block (Tucson, AZ) 10/18/13 - 02/16/14

Generously sponsored by Karen & Tim Hixon, The Charles Engelhard Foundation, Jan & Larry Finch, Betsy & Peter Forster, Lynne & Jack Fritz, Lynn & Foster Friess, Marjorie & Frank Sands, and Rosella & Carl Thorne.