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Ancient Traditions

The Whetzel Collection of Pueblo and Pre-Pueblo Pottery

May 18 2013 - October 9 2013

About the Exhibition

This exhibition proudly displays a collection of Pueblo and Pre-Pueblo pottery recently donated by Mr. and Mrs. Joshua C. Whetzel, Jr. The exhibit showcases the various aesthetic and symbolic representational modes employed in Pueblo and Ancestral Pueblo ceramics. While focusing on animal representations, the exhibit will also feature representations of natural phenomena and the environment that are present, in varying levels of abstraction, on many of these objects. This exhibition brings to the forefront a cultural group that has been largely absent from the Art Historical canon and will help visitors see the connections between pots made over 1000 years ago with those made in contemporary times. This exhibit is located in the Kuhn Gallery.

Generously sponsored by the Whetzel Family Foundation.