Past Exhibitions

Wonder Cabinet

A Collection of Curiosities

November 15 2013 - August 31 2014

Wonder Cabinet will be a new take on the traditional Cabinet of Curiosities, also called a Cabinet of Wonder, or Wunderkammer. These personal collections of objects have been around since the beginning in the Renaissance. The Cabinet was a reflection of the person collecting, cataloguing, and arranging. It was a source of contemplation and marvel. The collections included what we would now classify as objects of natural history, art objects, anthropological specimens, mixed in with other objects of questionable veracity and oddities. These collections were precursors to the modern museum. The collection was a way for each individual to display his wealth and knowledge of the world.

This will be the third installment of a “community” focused exhibit curated by Bronwyn Minton, Associate Curator of Art and Research. Wonder Cabinet will include objects from the Museum’s collection, items on loan from select community members, and art commissioned for the exhibit. Wonder Cabinet will elicit a new sense of amazement and awe for the natural world. This exhibit is located in the Members Gallery.

Generously sponsored by Lisa & David Carlin, Nancy & Dick Collister, and Ann Trammell.