Past Exhibitions

Audubon and the Art of Birds

October 4 2014 - January 4 2015

Snowy Owls c. 1830, Hand-Colored Engraving
John James Audubon France, active United States 1803 - 24, 1785 - 1851

About the Exhibition

This exhibition focuses on John James Audubon’s masterwork, The Birds of America, contextualizing Audubon’s work with examples of the finest ornithological art from the Renaissance to the present day. Built around a series of themes, the show compares rough woodcut prints from the early bestiaries with the refined elegance and brilliant colors of Francois Levaillant’s engravings. Prints from Mark Catesby and Alexander Wilson trace the work of early artist-naturalists in America before Audubon. The lavish publications that followed Audubon’s work are represented with lithographs by John Gould, Edward Lear, Joseph Wolf, and many others. During the 20th century, artists such as Louis Agassiz Fuertes, Francis Lee Jaques, Roger Tory Peterson, and Robert Bateman took bird art in new directions. The human fascination with birds continues to the present day, and the show will include works by a small, select group of living artists, such as Lars Jonsson and Walton Ford, who have made particular contributions to the study of birds, or whose work is inspired by Audubon’s example.

Generously sponsored by

Tania & Tom Evans, Lynn & Foster Friess, Gloria & Bill Newton, Sharon & Lloyd Powell, Peggy & David Sokol, Stonehollow Collection, Caroline & Ken Taylor, Georgene Tozzi, Barbara & John Vogelstein, and Jade & David Walsh.