Past Exhibitions

The Odd Couple

A New Pairing of Thought-Provoking Art

June 1 2013 - April 19 2015

Young Eagle c. 1990, Chiweshe Serpentine Stone
Bevin Chikodzi Zimbabwe, 1966 -

About the Exhibition

This rotating pairing of interesting artwork will appear in eight iterations during the year, coinciding with Mix’d Media programs. The idea behind this exhibit is to create an unexpected, unusual, and interesting juxtaposition of artworks that will engage our visitors in new ways. The pairing will be accompanied by an activity to name or label the pair with magnetic words and will be good material for social media outreach. This small change in the permanent collection will be an innovative and simple way of looking at our collection in a new light.

The pairing will bring into question the individual works themselves, the particular pairing and the nature of museums, curation and the visitor’s role in this process. The simple act of an unusual pairing will spark dialogue between visitors to the museum making their visit interactive in a new way. This exhibit is located in the Pathways Gallery.

Generously sponsored by Julie & Will Obering and the Wyoming Humanities Council. Plein Air Magazine