Animal Athletes: Animal Circle

Ages: 7 and up
Location: Inside or Outside

This game is as silly as charades, and it tests the players’ knowledge about the animal world and their behavior. The players form a circle. One player stands in the center holding a ball or other soft object to throw.

  1. The player in the center says the name of an animal and tosses the ball to another player on the outer circle. That player must catch the ball and has five seconds to answer if the animal is active on the land, in the sea or in the air. The remaining players in the circle count to five in unison to acknowledge when time is up.
  2. If the catcher is wrong or drops the ball, she must imitate the behavior of the named animal. The center player confirms or corrects the imitation and then repeats step 1 naming a different animal.
  3. If the player is correct with her answer or imitation, she takes the position in the center of the circle.


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