Animal Athletes: Fox and Rabbits

Ages: 5 and up
Location: Outside

This game of chase is played around a central element such as a house or other structure. Boundaries are also needed outside the ‘track’ area. A ‘base’ must be determined.

  1. A fox is chosen to be “It.” The remaining players are the rabbits.
  2. Starting on base, with their eyes hidden, the rabbits count from 1 to 12 by reciting “1 o’clock, 2 o’clock, 3 o’clock…Midnight! I hope we don’t see the fox tonight.” While the rabbits are counting, the fox finds a hiding place within the outer boundary limits.
  3. When the rabbits are finished counting, they begin to run around the house on the “track.” At any time, the fox can come out from hiding to try to catch a rabbit before the rabbit returns to base.
  4. If a rabbit is caught, he becomes the new fox in the next round. If no rabbit is caught, the game continues with the same fox until a rabbit is caught.

Tips: The rabbits may choose to work together to develop a strategy against the fox. This game is fun to play outside just before dark.

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