Animal Athletes: Sharks and Dolphins

Ages: 8 and up
Location: Swimming Pool

This is a swimming game resembling ‘Red Rover’ in which the shark tries to catch dolphins as they swim by. It is best played in a swimming pool.

  1. Designate a shark to be “It.”
  2. The remaining players are dolphins lined up on the side of the pool.
  3. When the shark shouts “1,2,3, Go!” the dolphins swim the width of the pool trying to avoid the shark. The dolphins are safe when they reach the opposite side of the pool.
  4. If the shark tags a dolphin, that dolphin becomes a shark too and must help catch the other dolphins when they are asked to swim across to the other side.
  5. This continues until the sharks catch all of the dolphins. The last one caught is the winner and “It” for the next game.

Tips: Game boundaries within the pool are established based on the swimmers’ abilities.

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