Animal Athletes: The Missing Praire Dog Hole

Ages: 6 and up
Location: Outside

For this game, the players are prairie dogs that must find a safe ‘hole’ in which to hide when a hawk appears.

  1. Inside the playground, mark as many prairie dog holes as there are players minus one. Use hula-hoops, circles drawn with sidewalk chalk, or something similar to indicate holes.
  2. Each player stands inside one of the circles and the extra player goes to the middle of the playground. Once there, he shouts “Hawk!” and all the players including the hawk must run to a new circle.
  3. The player who does not find a new circle will then go to the middle and repeat the warning call, “Hawk!”

Tip: No player can go to the same “hole” twice in a row. Spread the holes out far enough to prevent two players from tying in their race for a new hole.

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