Animal Athletes: The Tracking Wolf

Ages: 5 and up
Location: Outside

This game of chase takes place on a track of intersecting paths. In an area of undisturbed snow or sand, stomp out a series of trails that connect and criss-cross one another. This will serve as the track for the game and players will not be allowed off this track

  1. A wolf is chosen to be “It.” The remaining players are the arctic hares.
  2. As the wolf counts to 20 with her eyes closed, the arctic hares move to a place on the track.
  3. The wolf must try to catch the arctic hares by way of the trails. If a hare goes off the trail, that player becomes “It.” If the wolf leaves the trail, the game starts over.
  4. If a hare is caught, he becomes the new wolf or “It.”

Tips: Work together to stomp out a clear system of trails by following one another. Spread the trails out so that a player can not jump from one to another.

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