Online Programs: Landforms

Lesson 1 – Purple Mountains

Landscape paintings are inspired by the out-of-doors. Landscape painting includes landforms such as mountains, plains, valleys, and bodies of water. Landforms help make landscape painting, as well as our earth surface, interesting!


Choose a landscape and through the National Museum of Wildlife Art, write a letter to the artist who created it.

Briefly describe the painting, then give the artist some feedback:

  1. What you liked or disliked about the painting.
  2. Ask him or her 3 questions you may have about the painting.
  3. What have you found interesting about it?

Herman Herzog
Germany, 1832 – 1932
“Caribou by Mountain Lake” c. 1880’s
Oil on Canvas

Thomas Hill
England, 1829 – 1908
“Great Falls of the Yellowstone” c. 1884
Oil on Canvas

Carl Rungius
Germany, 1869 – 1959
“Lake O’Hara” circa 1935
Oil on Canvas


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