Online Programs: Landforms

To The Educator: Guided Visualization

Close your eyes to imagine you are in your favorite outdoor place – a place you know and love. Concentrate to form a good picture of this place in your mind.

  • What can you see? What does it look like in the distance? Close-up? 
  • Can you see the sky? Are there clouds? If so, what kind of clouds?
  • Can you see any water or mountains, or other landforms?
  • What time of day is it? What do you notice about the light?
  • What sounds do you hear? What’s the temperature? What textures can you feel?

What if you were to create a picture showing the way this special place makes you feel? Would the picture be bright or dark, happy or sad, restful or energetic? Would the space be open or crowded? Would it feel lonely or safe or warm or cold? Think of the colors you would use. If you painted an image of this special scene, your painting would be called a landscape.

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