Online Programs: Wildlife in Winter

Lesson 1 – Winter is Coming

The days are getting cooler and the nights are getting longer. Soon the temperature will drop to below freezing (32 F/0 C) and deep snow will cover the ground.

  • You like the winter. You like playing outside and enjoy the beauty of the snow. You decide to stay where it is cold, but you bundle up with hats and gloves and lots of warm clothes for skiing, snow shoeing and sledding.
  • You decide to stay indoors where it is warm enjoying activities that are relaxing and do not require you to go out into the cold. You will spend lots of time snuggled under warm blankets or dressed in layers of clothing.
  • You decide not to face winter at all, but go to the sunny warm beaches of Florida. You will travel all the way there with your friends to spend the season playing in the water , lying in the sun and eating tropical fruit and fish. You will return north when all the snow has melted and the grass is green.

The examples listed above of how some people endure winter conditions are similar to how animals survive winter. Wildlife need special skills and strategies during this difficult season. Different animals use different strategies. Some animals adapt, some hibernate and others migrate.

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