Online Programs: Wildlife in Winter

Lesson 2 – Questions to Consider

View the Wildlife in Winter on-line exhibit. Select one painting and complete the worksheet questions to help identify what you see in the painting.

Look at the painting from the Wildlife in Winter exhibit to find clues about the survival strategies.


  • Name the animal(s) included in the artwork.
  • Describe the habitat or the place where the animal is shown in the image.
  • How can you tell what season it is? What clues does the artist give you?
  • What colors do you see?
  • How would the painting of this animal change if it were a different season?
  • What is the animal doing in the painting?
  • Imagine what the animal would have done just before or just after the scene.
  • What does this animal eat? Does its diet change with the change of the seasons?
  • What physical attributes of the animal has the artist focused on or included in this image?


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