About the Exhibition

The Lost Bird Project recognizes the tragedy of modern extinction by immortalizing North American birds that have been driven to extinction. To date, bronze memorials for the Passenger Pigeon, the Carolina Parakeet, the Labrador Duck, the Great Auk, and the Heath Hen have been installed in locations directly related to each bird’s decline. The sculptures are subtle, hopeful reminders of species now lost. A second edition of the five sculptures has made its way to various locations around the United States. As a group, they are melancholy, yet affirming. They compel us to recognize the finality of our loss, they ask us not to forget, and they remind us to guard against further extinction. Installed in the Museum’s new amphitheater on the Sculpture Trail, these avian sculptures will have a powerful impact, where connections can be made to other threatened species in need of help. This exhibit is located outdoors on the Sculpture Trail.