Spring Melt on the Sculpture Trail March 29, 2012  |  By Adam Harris

The spring melt has begun and large swaths of the Sculpture Trail are emerging from underneath their blankets of snow. Yesterday, I stopped myself from walking through the parking lot to get into the building and changed course to take a few steps on the Trail. I am looking forward to our installations this summer, including Sandy Scott’s Presidential Eagle and Moose Flats, Simon Gudgeon’s Isis, and Rich Loffler’s Buffalo Trail. The two avian subjects, Eagle and Isis will anchor the southern and northern ends of the Trail, encouraging visitors to walk the entire 3/4 mile to take it all in.

Two lucky employees got to visit Loffler’s foundry last week and see the bison in progress. They are heroic in scale, which means they are 150% larger than life. They look huge in photographs, but in person, they are apparently beyond belief. Positioned on a table of land just below the southern parking lot, they will be visible from above and from the road below. The Lower Loop Trail will also allow up-close-and-personal access, truly a destination on the Trail not to be missed!

Come up soon and take a stroll, then come back often to see all the great additions we’ll be making this summer.

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