Waiting for Sockeye March 1, 2012  |  By Adam Harris

At the request of my two-and-a-half year old daughter, last weekend we rode the START bus from town up to the Museum for lunch and some playtime in the Children’s Discovery Gallery. Incorporating the bus ride was a great way to add an extra element into our excursion. During lunch at the Rising Sage Cafe, I got the chance to take this photo.

When it’s not snowing, the silhouette of Kent Ullberg’s sculpture, Waiting for Sockeye, wonderfully mirrors the contours of the buttes that lie just across from the Museum on the National Elk Refuge. When it is snowing, the sculpture takes on a variety of different appearances, sometimes donning a cap and robe of freshly fallen powder, or on a day like last Sunday, it stands in contrast to the wintry white blanketing the valley. This makes me look forward to the summer – when we will install four new monumental bronzes during the inaugural season of the Sculpture Trail.

But don’t wait for the summer to come up and see us. This weekend, a trip to the Museum will be sure to delight. There are a wide variety of activities planned to celebrate March’s First Sunday Celebration including outdoor art-making with artist Ben Roth as well as an appearance by local favorites Waist Deep. Check out the START bus schedule and the Museum’s events calendar to plan your excursion.

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