White-Washed Landscape March 6, 2012  |  By Admin

There’s something about a big swath of snow that entices merriment.  I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been in Jackson Hole so long that I can’t help but be happy (water for the rivers, healthy ski industry, just plain pretty) or the sparkly, white-washed landscape itself.  Whatever the deep-seated reason, it emitted great happiness yesterday during our “First Sundays” event.

Local sculptor and awesome-guy-all-around, Ben Roth, along with our Curator of Education, Jane Lavino, directed environmental art-making, using the sculpture trail and amphitheater as the primary landscape.  Visitors of all ages crafted animal-shaped silhouettes in the snow, shaking a heady combination of potting soil, charcoal, and wildflower seeds into an artform.  It didn’t hurt that local band, Waist Deep, entertained with danceable tunes.  As this photo depicts, my daughter Grace proudly shows her bear masterpiece.  In one short hour, she also created a raven, fox, eagle, and two penguins.  As always, I am proud to work for the Museum that inspires every visitor to connect art and the landscape.

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