Connect, Create, Go Wild April 19, 2012  |  By Admin

I’m not a particularly celebratory person. What I mean is, when it’s my birthday, I’m content to go to a yoga class and share a meal with friends. I don’t need cake or gifts or singing. In fact, please, no.

So it’s funny that as the Museum nears its 25th anniversary, I’m actually excited.  There are numerous events to commemorate our first quarter century and the Black Bear Gala, scheduled for July 28, is a case in point. Our planning committee has put together an incredible evening of intrigue and entertainment, including a mime artist, bagpipers, jazz piano, classical music, magic tricks, and an “After Party” with DJ Vert-One and Friends.

Wow. Talk about something for everybody.

The only niggling anxiety I have is finding something to wear. Suggestions?

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