Exploring Humanity’s Relationship With Wildlife May 24, 2012  |  By Admin

In our galleries we tell the stories of our relationship with wild animals and nature. Not many of the images in our collection show humans and wild animals together. One shows two children looking at tigers in the Tower of London’s menagerie and the other shows a scene from the Bible where wild and tame animals live peacefully together with humans.

What do these two works tell us? What do they tell us about our history, our culture and our need to be near these animals physically and symbolically?

Human/Nature: Exploring Humanity’s Relationship with Wildlife will be on exhibit in the Kuhn Gallery from October 20, 2012 – April 21, 2013. This exhibit will include images from the Museum’s permanent collection depicting humans and animals interacting.

Image Credits: James Northcote (United Kingdom, 1746 – 1831), A Tiger’s Den, 1816. Oil on Canvas. 40 x 47 inches. JKM Collection©, National Museum of Wildlife Art.

Edward Hicks (United States, 1780 – 1849), The Peaceable Kingdom, 1822-25. Oil on Canvas. 26 5/8 x 32 inches. Generously Sponsored by Donations from Anonymous Museum Benefactors; National Museum of Wildlife Art.

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